International Women’s Day : A Perspective.

International Women’s Day : A Perspective.

International Women’s Day is one of the most cherished days marked on my calendar. It is a time to celebrate the progress of women in all spheres in recent decades. Never did the boundaries of a household allow women the freedom to step out and work against the norms of society. It was never understood that women have impeccable capabilities to change the fate of families, society, and the nation as a whole. Today they have risen and are at par with everyone in society. Women are gaining much more appreciation and acceptance due to their unbound talent and working spirit.
Furthermore, unlocking this transformative potential means pushing for more equal opportunities such as equality in legal rights for men and women, equality in access to education, health, and finance. Just as important is the fundamental issue of ensuring a safe environment for all, including protection against harassment, safety to move freely at all hours, equal salary at the workplace are just a few more examples to be made more accessible to women, to help them explore the fields of their interest. 
My message is clear, providing legal protection against sexual harassment creates an environment in which women are more likely to be economically and financially active.
Across the globe, fewer women than men are in paid employment, with only about 50 percent of working-age women participating in the labor force. In many countries, laws, regulations, and social norms still constrain women’s possibilities to seek paid employment. And all over the world women perform most of the work that remains unseen and unpaid, in the fields and in households. The need of the hour is to call a change!
On this day, I hope to celebrate the victory and freedom of all those women out there who are outspoken and fearless in this patriarchal world. This is the day to take inspiration from the women who are going that extra mile to be on the forefront and to motivate all those who are yet subjugated, exploited, and harassed by others. It is an overwhelming day full of pride and honor for all the women and I must say, I’m proud to be born as one. 

Written by – Kanishka Yadav

Alumnus Vidya School

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