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  • As our school is closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the admission forms are available on the school website only
  • Kindly download the form and send the filled scanned copy at the given mail-id:
  • The last date for the submission is on 26/04/2021, Monday. After that, no forms will be accepted
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted telephonically for the Entrance Test to be held shortly
  • For any queries, please call:    8130350810 

Criteria for finalizing Admission list would be

Availability   of seats

Income of parents

Our school is unique in that 100% of the seats are reserved for the EWS.

25% of the total vacancy will be reserved for random selection through draw of lots the remaining will be short listed based on the point system mentioned below provided all the criteria mentioned in Clause 1-4 in the section on Criteria are met. If two candidates have the same total points then one will be selected randomly. There will be no discrimination/screening

Documents required for Admission

For Nursery admissions, forms duly completed must be submitted to the school by 25th January every year.  For admission to other classes the forms must be submitted by 15th February every year. All forms will be accompanied by the following.


a)  Affidavit showing proof of income.

b)  Affidavit for proof of residence.

c)  Photocopy of the birth certificate/or any other permissible document as laid down by the government showing the   birth date of the child seeking                          admission. (if available)

d)  SLC, if applicable List will be prepared on the basis of random selection provided the applicants fulfil the basic requirements. Children short listed will be               asked to come, with their parents for a meeting with the School Committee. The final selection would be carried out, based on the recommendations of the           selection committee, by the Final Selection Committee. A final list will then be drawn up. All applicants must meet the under privileged criteria.

     On the basis of vacancy, the final list will be drawn and the rest will be placed on the wait list.

     If there is uncertainty or suspicion that the admission information provided is false or questionable, a second home visit on an unannounced basis may be           conducted to verify the family’s residence and other factors observed during the initial home visit.  The secondary home visit will include interviews of                     neighbours by Social worker. 

1) Survey by Social Workers within 5 KMs

a. Living Conditions, (observation by Social Worker)

b. Only one sibling,

c. Rented accommodation,

d. Family Income,

e. No. of years they have been living there,

f. Permanent Address (Which place they are from),

g. Whether they own any vehicle, Computer Etc.

h. Vaccination has been done or not,

i. Whether mother is also working or not,

j. Family income should not exceed Rs.15,000/ pm,

k. If father is handicap, alcoholic or any other bad habit to be     considered.

l. Single Parent.

Following Points will be given for assessing the eligibility of Admission (Format regarding same is attached).


2. DISTANCE FROM SCHOOL                    POINTS

·         Within 2 KM                                              70              

·         2 to 5 KM                                                  40

3. Vidya School from Any Branch                20

4. Girl Child                                                        10

5. Single Parent                                                05

6. Sibling                                                            10

Based on the above criteria, the system will generate a final list for admissions. This will be reviewed and the confirmed candidates will be taken through the formalities of admission into the school.

 Previous year’s report card (as relevant) will be required to be produced for admission to classes other than nursery. A Student who has attended a recognized school may be admitted only on producing school leaving certificate (SLC) from the Institution last attended duly countersigned by the Head Teacher or the in charge.

 A general Medical Examination is conducted by the School Doctor for all selected candidates.

The admission process will be completed by March of every year

Admission Committee

The Admissions Committee will comprise the Principal, the Head Mistress, a Senior Teacher, and 2 members of the Managing Committee to be appointed by the Chairperson.  The primary role of the Committee is to review the documents of each candidate ensuring that the admission criteria are met and to finalize the list. They will forward the list with their recommendations to the Final Selection Committee.


Final Selection is done by the members of the Final Selection   Committee comprising Chairperson and/or Vice Chairperson 

Various other Application Parameters

  • Applicants who have siblings enrolled in the school must still meet all criteria with a limit of 2 children per family at a time. This facility would be available to the children who are admitted earlier, based on their date of admission.
  • The school will maintain a waiting list for any vacancies which may occur, for all classes. 
  • A student accepted into Vidya School must register with the school, within the time frame given, or the student will lose his/her seat.
  • Students currently enrolled in any VIDYA School and in good standing do not need to submit an application on an annual basis.
  • Students who withdraw from Vidya School during the school year must re-apply for admission and the admission procedure will be followed afresh.


A month’s notice in writing is required for withdrawing a student from the school by guardian/ parents.

The transfer certificate (T.C) shall only be given on the receipt of written application from the parents/ guardian.  The T.C. will only be issued if all school dues are settled.

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