COVID-19 Wave 2

COVID-19 Wave 2

COVID wave- 2 , another lockdown . Another stressful rigmarole of nonsensical existence within the confined space of home . No access to the world apart from a screen of a laptop or an android phone or in case you are privileged enough- An IPHONE. What has kept me alive – my work , and stories.

Stories are an integral part of my life and I am sure they are a part of everyone’s life. I have revisited a number of books , found new ones . I have gone through some of my favourite movies and completed a series of some in these stressful times . Today I would like to share here , in this privileged space provided to me by our VIDYA e newsletter pupils some of my top picks . Some stories that will never leave you . These characters will stay with you. First I would like to tell you about a book called – ‘The Gift’ by Cecila Ahern .. the novel focuses on the life of a person called LOU, who is a big workaholic and one day on a pavement near his office building, he meets – Gabe . A simpleton , a beggar who wins his heart and gains a job with Lou’s firm. Lou always neglects his family and keeps working like a slave ,and he loses time . time for what ?- read and find out dear reader . Gabe gives him a gift to balance his life and be at two places at once . A must read for those looking to sipping a cuppa or two on the balcony
in an evening summer sky .

My next pick is a book called -The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. A book that will make you laugh and ponder over things deeply . A personal recommendation from Bill Gates , this one will leave you in splits . A man is on a mission to find a perfect female partner but through the scientific way , no kidding. That’s true. Well stay tuned,and grab a copy. There is a saga of rivalry between KANE AND ABEL , not just the biblical ones but the fictional brothers of Jefferey Archer , each is set out to destroy the other and have his vengeance . Find out who wins.

Go look out for these dear reader . Go explore a plethora of stories , meet new characters , make them your mates and live beautifully , as George RR Martin says – ‘A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . The man who never reads lives only once’.

Covid-19 second wave in India may peak between mid-April and mid-May:  Scientists

-By Yashika Munjal,
English Teacher at VIDYA

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