From backwardness to Self Reliance (By Sunaina Singh)

From backwardness to Self Reliance (By Sunaina Singh)

My family belongs to a narrow-minded orthodox society where girls are never given equal opportunities as boys. I struggled a lot to get an education. MY determination never stopped and I attempted to make my parents understand my dreams and expectations, for which I took assistance from my school teachers, KPMG Mentors(providing me scholarship), etc.

I worked dedicatedly day in and night out and topped in my college, proving my family and others how ardently passionate I am towards my studies. Now, since my first year of college, I am bagging the top rank with getting above 90% of marks. This milestone matters a lot for me as I was not really a bright student since my childhood.

Besides these things, I do internships every year with governmental organisations and provide legal assistance to people. I worked with “Pranab Mukherjee Foundation” and while I was working with this firm I went to ‘khurampur’ village, solved their legal issues, made them aware of government policies and steps, taught them how they can help themselves by achieving legal aid.

This foundation is also in making organic products for Indian markets, so I also helped the foundation by increasing their sales by providing them legal techniques and other help. I am a part of the legal aid committee of my college and every second month I along with my co-workers and lawyers set up legal camps, where people can come and take legal advice and consultations, providing them with solutions, etc.

I attended various law conferences, attended the 3rd world conference on human rights held in Delhi with respected vice-president “Mr. Venkaiah Naidu” and many more such conferences.

In order to achieve my dreams, I regularly participate in moot court competitions, debates on social subjects, etc. I also raised my voice against liquor selling on ‘kirana stores’ by making videos, taking pictures in order to collect evidence, and then mailed everything to different platforms and on CM window, gave evidence to media people and different known politicians, police officer’s, Haryana cabinet minister “Mr. Anil Vij” and on different platforms, and hence contributed to the ban of liquor not only in that particular store but people selling the locality.

Though it was very much difficult for me, I never stopped. I used to get many threats, nonetheless, I kept on fighting, kept on struggling, not only for the society but for the future generation. I have witnessed families ruining because of alcoholism and would not wish such a thing on anyone’s family. Therefore, I raised my voice as loud as I could and I was pretty much successful. 

Lockdown was a difficult phase for the whole world, so as to my backward family which had many financial crises. I decided something which can help me sitting at my home and helping my family too. I decided to give online law coaching to my college junior’s, teaching them law subjects, about making moot court memorials, law files, etc. This helped me and my family up to a certain limit.

My struggling life is still on but my dreams are so high that nothing can stop me to achieve them and thousands of problems may occur in between but I know I am strong enough to face them all.

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