Expanding the Horizon of Career

Expanding the Horizon of Career

Since childhood, my aunt, a doctor, had a potent influence on me and because of her I always  thought of becoming a doctor. Moreover, no other profession crossed my mind that I could opt in future as I was completely unaware of other options. So, I was interested in biology and I  excelled in it until I realised that I was only interested in it because of my aunt’s influence and  not because I liked it personally.  

Thereafter, I thought of exploring other fields of career. I constantly sought guidance from my  teachers and the school counsellor . I always asked them about various fields they have come  across as I wanted to know about other fields that would suit my interest and skills. The most  interesting part is that the school used to call different people from different fields of expertise so  that we could interact with them in order to learn from their experiences. This way I met a few  corporate people and their journey really inspired me. Eventually, the corporate world appeared  to be a place where I could fit and grow professionally.  

To get into the corporate, I opted for commerce as my subject for 11th and 12th standard. The  subjects were intriguing and encouraged me to explore more career options in the field. After  choosing commerce, I came across only limited options which people used to talk about more  often such as Chartered Accountant(CA), Company Secretary(CS) and Cost and Management  

Accountant(CMA) which are professional courses the field could offer . But when I explored  more, I found out that it offers more options such as Personal Financial Advisor, Retail  Manager, Cost Accountant, Investment Banker and a few more which are also among the  highest paying job profiles. One can also get into business and get into advertising and  marketing, supply chain management and many more. However, I was not satisfied with the  career options which this field offered, which motivated me to explore more career options.  

Along with all these, I was engaged in co-curricular activities in the school. From dancing to  singing, playing different characters in a play to hosting events, all these helped me to develop  my confidence and improved my interactive skills with new people,, the masses . I again  approached the school counsellor to give me insights on other career options after 12th and on  what courses would be apt for me to pursue in college. She asked me to self-evaluate and look  for the existing skills and interests that I had. I did as she asked and I realised that the co curricular activities contributed to shaping my personality in such a way that made me unique.  Knowing myself better helped me choose the right path for my future. I did research on the  career options related to writing, speaking and interacting with people, and finally found the field  which would help me grow and hone my skills. I opted for Journalism and Mass Communication. 

Journalism and Mass communication is a field full of opportunities for me. I can finally grow to  my full potential and get the advantage of the job profiles offered by the field. It is quite difficult  to decide on one career option instantly. It requires patience and a certain amount of research  to actually know about the various fields before getting into it. Determined decision-making can  

be helpful and conserve a lot of time, however, you will get acquainted with different fields as  you grow older and it will get easier to decide the course of action you want to take. Moreover, 

in the fast-moving world like ours, new career options keep springing up and some of the old  ones get redundant so it is important for you to be open to all the opportunities coming your  way.

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