A Glance of the Knowledge Series

Pandemic. Apparently, a term that was completely obsolete and dreamlike just a year ago has now become the uttermost used word of the year. Evidently, the pandemic separated us physically, yet it taught us new ways to be connected over networks and lead a revamped life. The pandemic has made us survivors who are no more afraid of unprecedented times, rather accustomed to […]

From backwardness to Self Reliance (By Sunaina Singh)

My family belongs to a narrow-minded orthodox society where girls are never given equal opportunities as boys. I struggled a lot to get an education. MY determination never stopped and I attempted to make my parents understand my dreams and expectations, for which I took assistance from my school teachers, KPMG Mentors(providing me scholarship), etc. I worked dedicatedly day in […]

Public speaking on my fingertips (By Esha Paswan)

Trembling hands, sweaty palms, cold sweat, irregular pounding heartbeats and not being able to make eye contacts while talking? Yes! We’ve all been through these at some point in our life. We have all been nervous in our life at least once. But the ones who overcome these has the ability to achieve the great things in life ahead.   While […]