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Transform: The sense of belonging calls forth the best of the alumni.They live up to the ideals, we live
up to our devotion!
We  envision to transform a student into a leader who can lead others and create many more
leaders like oneself. The success stories of the alumni of the school are the exemplars of the
immortal victories that the school has achieved over time.


I am in the first semester of B.Tech at Plaksha University. I would be allowed to select my specific field of interest, only after the third semester. This gives me, at least, to explore which field I want to pursue, as well as sharpen my reason of why studying technology at all. Here I am indulging in many studies, philosophy and critical thinking, design thinking, physics, foundations of computational thinking and the likes. By a rough idea about my interests, I want to pursue Robotics and Cyber-Physical Systems from the third semester onwards. All in all the transition from schooling to a University has stood out very visibly. The word University comes from Latin Universitas or ‘the whole’. The Latin phrase: Universitas magistrorum et scholarium, which roughly means "community of teachers and scholars". This endeavor at Plaksha, I hope will really bring out the community in learning which was absent in my schooling. I was born in Kanpur but was brought up in the suburban areas of Gurgaon. I am a keen learner, and I want to focus on things that have gone out of attention in the Indian culture through technology.



I, Anmol Mehra located in Gurugram, recently hired by Cactus Global as a Software Engineer. Remembering my initial days, I took lockdown as an opportunity, I gave time to myself, invested it in studies, helped my family and explored different phases of my career. Eventually, I decided to do a year-long residential software programming course and went to Navgurukul, Himachal Pradesh during Lockdown.In a nutshell, NavGurukul gave me an equation of hard work and life. After going through the interview process, I am hired as a Software Engineer with 5LPA salary along with a 50k joining bonus.The company also reimburses for Wifi, technical accessories and work from home office essentials. Working with Cactus is a feeling of cherishment. Everyday, there is something new I put my hands on and work towards that. Cactus Global (https://cactusglobal.com) is a company founded by Mr. Abhishek Goel. They offer AI-powered scholarly publishing solutions to academic publishers and collaborate with researchers across academic disciplines and their headquarters is in Mumbai and offices in US, UK, China, Korea, Denmark, Singapore etc. I am grateful to my school, Vidya for giving me lessons for life, and the life changing mentor teachers who believed in me in my worst and supported me and my family in every way possible. I learnt the power of starting small by taking baby steps in school itself.



My name is Shivani Yadav. I am an undergraduate student from Delhi university in Sri Aurobindo college. I m alumina of Vidya school gurgaon, 'The VIDYA' is a not for profit organisation working for the education, empowerment and transformation of less privileged children,youth and women through micro level intervention.I had joined vidya in 2nd standard , when I was even not able speak properly in the crowd. I was very shy and afraid of meeting new people. When I got admission I was feeling very happy that I got the opportunity to study been coming from under privileged family. As years passed I saw the development of myself. I became confident, ready to face challenges, started speaking fluent English, and not only did Vidya help me only but my family also by giving my mother jobs opportunities in school canteen. Our chairperson in like STARSHINE always saying vidya is not a school It is a FAMILY.After passing out the school they never made us feel alone and helped us by taking care of our financial needs (providing fees of college) or mental needs (helped to make future goals). Even now I just have to drop a message of I am in problem and every teacher helps me out.As there is always contribution of every family member to the family.I will also pack back.I will one day make you all proud one day my the strength, voice,spark,shine,faithfulness,and most important knowledge that is provided by you all.



Pawan is from the 2021 batch of VIDYA School and we are extremely delighted & proud to share that Pawan has qualified the JEE Mains this year, fulfilling the mission of VIDYA. Pawan has always been academically motivated and meticulous in organizing his tasks. His dream was to be a part of the academic elite! He finally joined the B.Tech (Electrical) course in Rajkiya Engineering College in Banda, Uttar Pradesh. The accomplishment has been the result of dedication, hard work and perseverance, spending hours in the school library, burning the mid night lamp, as the necessity of space and lighting was unavailable, thereby fondly making VIDYA School his second home. Being the youngest of four siblings, Pawan has worked hard despite the grave challenges and lack of external academic support, to qualify the toughest of entrances and is currently undergoing counselling. His father is a driver and mother a homemaker. The pandemic wreaked havoc in their lives too, his father lost the job and had to take a loan to meet medical and personal emergences, leaving the family in debt. The only sibling who has passed his Class 12 with 81% and has qualified one of the most demanding examinations, has inspired a generation of learners at VIDYA School. Pawan will be living the VIDYA dream.

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My name is Komal Yadav and I completed my schooling from Vidya School, Gurugram in the year 2018 from Science (PCM) stream. Currently, I'm a third year student pursuing B.Sc.(Hons.) Computer Science from Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi. Vidya has been more than just a school for me. Vidya has actually made me. Vidya has shaped me. Vidya has nurtured, cultivated and processed the good in me to be my best, to achieve all that was a part of impossibility and uncertainty. Vidya has taught us to never quit and to always grab the opportunities to make the most out of the them. Therefore, I have always been very participative in my college. I am the class representative of my batch in college since 2018 and have also been a position holder in the department union. I've have been a member of various college societies as well ranging from Women Development Cell to quiz society, poetry & elocution club, etc. Besides this, I've also been the Internship Coordinator in the Career Guidance and Placement Cell of my college. Fortunately, this year I'm also selected as the Internship Head of my college. In addition to that, I'm also selected in the Millenium Fellowship under the United Nations Academic Impact through which I'm addressing SDG-3 i.e. Good Health and Well-being. As a Millenium Fellow, I'm working on the menstrual health & hygiene and trying to break the taboos that have ceaselessly inculcated shame and embarrassment surrounding periods. I do not accept the things I cannot change. Rather, I change the things I cannot accept. With time, I've grown up to be more confident, considerate and compassionate to give back to society in every minute way possible. There has been a growth internally & intellectually as well and I think this journey of these many years has undoubtedly given me a lot to relish, to remember and to reinvent in order to build a bigger, better and brighter future. Last but not the least, Vidya has made me believe, dreams do come true, as long as one is determined to dream and to put in the best of their efforts and I promise to continue doing the same.



Anjali Singh is currently persuing her PCMB in VIDYA school. Though she likes mathematics but biology is her favourite subject. Her dream is to become a cardio surgeon. Being a MENSA scholar she got the opportunity to see big dreams and giving wings to them. She is very much thankful to VIDYA and MENSA for supporting her to accomplish her dreams and to fly higher and higher. Everyone guides and encourages her to work harder. She gave the MENSA Entrance test when she was in class ‘6’ studying in a government school based at Chakkarpur, Gurgaon. When she was in class ‘7’ she get to know that she has successfully cleared her MENSA entrance test and MENSA had decided to transfer her in VIDYA school. She was excited and happy unaware of the fact that she would face language barrier at school. Her english was not so strong when she was studying in her previous school as it was a hindi medium school. Than in class ‘8’ she got admission in VIDYA but at the initial stage she faced a lot of language problem but later on with the help of her class teacher she has improved and now her fluency in english is excellent. She scored 95% in class ‘X’ board examination, and had become the school topper. VIDYA had given her the platform to express her ideas and thoughts confidently. VIDYA has all the facilities whether it is computer lab, robotic lab, dance, music, sports etc which was not there in her earlier school. VIDYA had given her the platform to express her ideas and thoughts confidently. She is very much thankful to VIDYA and MENSA for assisting her throughout in her studies and giving her the opportunity to be a part of VIDYA school. 



I am Anjali Mehra. I had been fortunate enough to study at Vidya from 7th standard to 10th std. Vidya has given me lot more than academic knowledge. It has played a major role in shaping my thought process. At the most fundamental level, it helped me to recognise what I am good at. It encouraged me to work harder and not be afraid to dream bigger. The teachers have always looked forward to helping the students in every possible way. By building up a strong foundation of the subjects in academics - they have truly helped me to understand and do progressively well in various domains of life. Their compassion and generosity is comparable to none. Currently I am preparing for civil services examination. I did my graduation in B.Sc. Life sciences from Maitreyi College, Delhi University. While in college worked with some of the NGOs with an objective of giving back to the society. Working with – Baal Kalakaar by AIISEC; Umeed - a drop of hope, Leaders for tomorrow was very fulfilling. | also interned with an event management company to organize their annual event. One of the events I was associated with-held at the Hungarian Embassy campus was appreciated for its decoration. It was decorated using waste materials. The curricular activities at Vidya such as the house responsibilities, art and craft work, assembly duties, annual day events really helped me a lot in tapping into my potential. In school we do learn to balance both studies and the curricular activities. This habit enabled me to score well (14 division) in my college along with me being involved in several curricular activities. Post the College, I joined a Human Resources based company. Though it was a totally different stream but I was able to blend in well and also perform well because of the adaptability values inculcated in us as a student. They appreciated the team spirit and analytical skills I had despite a different stream. I really think this has a lot to do with how ready you are to take up the challenges with a positive attitude and a good team spirit. Here, I would like to share an anecdote. Back in 2010, our school was planning to do a play - DARE TO DREAM. For the first time, we were doing something on a very large scale as a school. Majority of the props and decorations material was being made by all of us. We all, the teachers and the students worked together and completed the tasks joyfully. That play was a huge success. This entire plot really engraved in me the spirit of team work and its importance. This somehow was visible at my work place as well. Later in 2019, I was fortunate to attend an event which was held before the UNCCD's 19th Conference of Parties at Noida. Mrs. Amina J. Mohhamed, the current deputy secretary general of the UN spoke about the land desertification concerns there. It was truly an enriching experience. Concluding this, I would really like to thank the board members, each and every teacher who has been associated with Vidya. It is because of them we, the students have been able to truly fly higher and dream bigger. Forever grateful.



Anjali a student of Banasthali Vidyapith, studying BSC in mathematics. A girl who is crazy about mathematics and enjoys solving problems and accepting challenges. “MENSA SCHOLARSHIP” It changed my LIFE and made me believes that dreams can come true if you are ready to work hard for it. Coming from a Village where girls are meant to be married and a burden to their parents, I am here standing strong to dive deep into mathematics and become a mathematics educator, all because of the support of Indigo-Mensa Scholarship. After my Mensa scholarship, I got a chance to push myself to step out of the box. I had mentors supporting me for each and everything right from my studies to my mental health to my needs like internet connection, laptops, books etc. Not only did I get exposure to work on my understanding of subjects but on my personality too. I was brought into the world of books and anime. I was aided in my studies. Challenging the mind became a habit there in the form of riddles, games, activities etc. I also overcame my fear and started expressing my views and being able to make bold decisions like “questioning why” to unjust people. To my surprise, things even changed a little bit at my village. My parents belong to a village where girls aren't allowed to step out their homes alone but they always believed in me, and Mensa contributed a huge part to it making their trust more stronger with my every step towards achievement, I am the role model there and my uncle exclaimed, "Anjali, I will teach my daughter like you." It was a milestone for me because I know I could only make these little changes in my surroundings to get towards the larger goal and support more girls. I am highly obliged to Mensa and Vidya school for giving me a dream life, I will continue to work harder and pass it on.



Alumni of VIDYA school, 2019 pass out currently preparing for Chartered Accountant. Being a Mensa Indigo scholar Chandan shares his experience- A juvenile from an unprivileged environment never thought that there is something called as better side of the world and many kids now also are in the same maze where I used to stroll. They don't know which corridor to take where it will end up and in the same dilemmas; they take a passage way which leads to the dark side of the world. They need a support system I needed a support system too and it was given to me by God’s faith through Mensa Indigo scholarship program. An offspring need a proper mould to know what's right and wrong for them and the society needs the best thing you can give someone. And yes I can proudly say that it's given to me and all of this hardships is because I am getting ready to pass it to others also I want to see that better side of the world where I could achieve my goals. I became a MENSA scholar when I was in grade seven in Vidya School, Gurugram as my father had a big loss in his business. He was in a mental pressure as to how to cover the house expenses and outstanding debt and I still remember the day when Mensa Indigo announced that the school fees will be paid by them it’s their responsibility. My parents were very delighted that day and it made me cheerful too. The biggest advantage I want to mention here is that you all gave me the confidence and motivation that I never had before. And I can say that I am ready to take up any challenges coming in my life ahead. This positivity is because of my mentor who supported me throughout whether it was problems related to studies or something personal.



They say "pigs can't fly". Sky is not for them. This one pig dared to challange their notions and prove them wrong. Life has thrown obstacles in my way almost every day in the form of the socio - economic conditions, dysfunctional family, and chronic headaches and mental illness. Yet, I have grown up into a confident adult studying at one of the best institution in the country. 'LSR' didn't happen to me over night. It was a reward which I recieved after toiling hard every day and night. I lived my dream to study in 'LSR' throughout my senior years at school. Despite hailing from an underprivileged background, I was able to achieve milestones becuase of the support of VIDYA. It has played as an important pillar in my over all foundational growth and pushed me to strive for self reliance, resilience and imbibe an insatiable hunger to learn and change the society. Alongside my academics, I juggle with various responsibilities like Global Volunteer intern at AIESEC, President of Vishalakshi Foundation, LSR and Sub- Editor of the The College Magazine, LSR. I am also the Class Representative as well as the Department Representative at Placement Cell of my college. I also recieved scholarship from the College in my first year itself. My transformational journey was also featured on NDTV. There were hundred things wrong in life. Nevertheless I persevered to grow. I have dreams to live. I have responsibilities to fulfill. I have goals to accomplish and I'm going to do this on my own. I believe that I CAN and I WILL.

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Indigo airlines Executive in finance department Graduated from Delhi university B. Com With first division in college Today where I stand today is just all because of vidya. I am an executive in finance department in indigo airlines. What I believe is that the root behind my success is vidya. Vidya is not only school for Me. It's like a temple to me. Vidya totally changed my life as my parents are not too educated but vidya make my parents understand that in today's world education is the most important and precious asset. Today I can confidently say that I am a self dependent girl.



I am pinky meena former student of vidya school. Currently I am pursuing B. Ed degree from Rajasthan university. After completing my graduation in English honours from the reputed college of Delhi university named "Sri venkateswara college" In South Delhi, I also did masters in English honours from Ignoue. I would like to share my journey of vidya school. I started my schooling from vidya school and our batch was the first batch of vidya school. From nursery to secondary level. My education was from vidya school. It provided an independent and a suitable environment where I achieved a certain milestone of securing 90% in my 12th standard. The teachers and the students that I got along with were nice and helpful that gave me a standard platform to pursue my dreams.



They pinned up a list of fourteen students out of three hundred who gave the entrance to be a part of Vidya, and I was exactly on the fourteenth number in the list. I joined Vidya School, Gurugram when I was three, starting my day with a bright smile from the conductor in the bus till the sound of 'bye' from my classmates, I never felt I'm far from my home. From my nursery class till twelfth, in fourteen years of my journey, Vidya school awarded me with skills and knowledge and made me a believer to stand strong in front of this world. I was in my early teenage, and my life took a great turn. MENSA , I heard this name when I was in 7th Standard. I gave the Mensa IQ test like I used to write my every other exams like Olympiads. I never knew this was an opportunity which is going to change my life totally scoring above 98 percentile. Becoming a Mensa Indigo scholar, I received my scholarship money every month and that amount really helps my family in completing all my basic needs. I am part of Mensa Project Dhruv, and is continuously being guided by our mentors. In this lockdown I learned how to learn things, I studied how to study, I gave time to learn how to manage my time. I have started learning coding. Mensa provided me with a laptop in which I got all the applications installed already for my coding. It's the beginning of a great journey. Mensa made me believe in myself. I never knew what I have to do in my life, but I always knew one thing, it doesn't matter how huge the problem is, what matters is how you break that problem into small pieces and then walk into it taking your baby steps gently. I am standing here with my theory which introduced me with coding. Every new language made knocks the door of my mind, and it continues doing it till I understand the logic behind the problem. That feeling of working behind the stage is inexpressible because that's when you got to know how things really work together in a team to create one single performance which I called a program in my coding. It feels like a family, where people get happy when the other member is happy but if any member is sad, that problem becomes everyone's problem in the family and all of them fight with it together. From my nursery class till twelfth, in fourteen years of my journey, Vidya school and Mensa program awarded me with skills and knowledge and made me a believer of making my dreams come true, no matter what the situation is.



Memories are the part of one's life , School life was the golden time period of learning. I am Sneha yadav currently I am working in a LD solutions Pvt LTD (sister concern company of LSI). I completed my graduation from Daulat ram college (University of Delhi). In Vidya school I got good learning experience, self confidence, motivation and the will to do best. Vidya school has blessed me with best ever friends for the rest of my life.The Teacher are amazing they Ensures students are learning efficiently and scoring good marks. Here teachers doesn't merely focus on academic performance but our overall development they understand their students problem and try to deal with them correctly. I am very thankful & Grateful to Vidya school & Teachers. Attachments area



Priyanka Roy is currently studying at VIDYA School, Gurugram in class 11. She was in class ‘5’ when she gave the MENSA IQ test and became one of the Mensa Scholar. Mensa is helping her to what she is today and is guiding her to achieve her future goals. She joined Vidya school from class ‘7’ and this was the turning point of her life and the biggest step towards a bright future. Now she is well-groomed and can easily communicate with others in English and day by day she is exploring new things. Earlier before joining Vidya she was unable to communicate with others in English but now she is so fluent and confident that she easily communicates with everyone in English. Vidya not only helped her in her academics but also taught her to explore her interest and desires. The biggest thing that she learned from Vidya is to give back. She aspires to become a professor. She hopes with the guidance, support, and love from VIDYA and MENSA she will definitely achieve her goals.


Muskan Roma Mishra

With millions of dreams I (Muskan Mishra (batch 2020-2021)) stepped in the field of my education. A wide range of classes, student activities and experimental learning kept a check on our progress. My experience at vidya school has helped me to gain confidence, and has enhanced my view towards the society and this has also helped me to prepare for my future. Now , with the help of my school I am perusing my studies from one of my dream colleges that is DU. Every student wants to complete thier education from a good University, i am doing my 1st year from SHYAMA PRASAD MUKHERJI COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, DU with history music as my course. I can't thank enough everyone enough for helping me continue my education. Thank you Regards Muskan Mishra (2020-2021)


Muskan Roma Mishra

Today Anshul, an ex-student of VIDYA received admission offers from 3 IIMs who is still pursuing his final year in BSc, electronics from Hansraj college, DU Anshul’s father is a taxi-driver and his mother is a house wife. He has an elder sister who was also a student here. Anshul began studying at VIDYA school from class 4. Previously, he was studying at a small private school. What he thought to be a demotion, from shifting from a private school to a NGO school actually turned out to be a big promotion. We related to the same feeling that both of us didn’t expect an NGO school to be as big as VIDYA school was with all facilities and infrastructure in place. He was a bit overwhelmed at first, but by the time he reached class 5, he got pretty comfortable inside the school premises using the big playground and made some good friends who were as focused on their academics and sports just like he was. He mentioned about the summer camps at VIDYA as well where experts would come in and teach students skills from scratch. He was an avid member of the debate community which he enjoyed thoroughly and he said the same environment was present in the classroom as well where they would debate on math theorems as well. Hard to adjust, bigger school, so many facilities. He would spend time after school solving math and physics problems with his friends and teachers. He couldn’t stop mentioning how Ila Ma’am helped all the students preparing for board exams by giving personal attention to each individual. She even arranged mentors who shared the same passion for the academic subjects like the students. He passed his board exams with flying colours. He beautifully mentioned how VIDYA helped him grow holistically- both in academics and sports. He is currently the captain of the cricket team of his college. Playing cricket representing his college, he prepared for hi CAT entrance exam with less than two month of prep time while being a topper in his class. What a super achiever. This is only possible with determination which Anshul possesses from head to toe. And evidently he possesses this determination more than anyone because he is a certainly a very tall guy! 😃

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